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Are you taking too long making an important decision?

Not sure where to start in ideating and building solutions?

Is time running out on producing results in a project?

Think Fast Decide Faster

Think Fast Decide Faster (TFDF) is a program and process for solving corporate and government challenges in the areas of decision making, solution development, and disruptive innovation.

TFDF short-circuits traditional decision-making and action-taking processes in a fast-paced environment that sets seemingly impossible targets and delivers them within short deadlines. The process lifts the cortisol level in a fast moving yet playful environment, leading to a measurable increase in effort and output.

Working together in a TFDF, you can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single day. Instead of waiting to get more data or launch a product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data and a clear plan. Designed by Black to face the unique challenges of the GCC, TFDF combines elements of the scientific method, design thinking, and engineering sprints into a battle-tested and repeatable process driving commercial and human outcomes.

What's Your Goal Today?

TFDF is for executives and teams in high urgency and high uncertainty situations facing challenges that need to be solved fast. Applications of TFDF span from identifying and evaluating growth opportunities to fostering a culture of innovation to building and launching a new product or service.

Brainstorm New Ideas

Make Decisions Quickly

Achieve Excellence

Take Action

TFDF In Action

Rapidly Brainstorm and Evaluate New Ideas

Traditional brainstorming is about selecting from a small pool of Solutions. In TFDF, we work our clients to become obsessed about understanding the Problem. Through a Diverge|Converge cycle, our brainstorming sessions serve to expand the pool of possible problems and together we form radical new solutions.

Following brainstorming, our team employs the ‘Rapid Evaluation’ framework, a tool that allows us to build the entire business model – at a high level – and decide immediately whether the idea is worth pursuing further.

Recent Example of Work

Working together with a semi-government client across their four primary business verticals, our team diverged on over 150 ideas, resulting in 38 tangible, deliverable projects with an estimated enterprise value of almost 20% of the current market capitalisation of the organisation.

Build, Validate and Iterate Prototypes

As facilitators, our greatest accomplishment is when we work with clients to help them understand that the purpose of an MVP, or Minimal Viable Product, is not to prove the Solution, but instead to validate the Problem. At this point, our clients embrace the ‘Build | Validate | Iterate’ model to create prototypes, engage meaningfully and test their prototypes with potential clients, and make productive changes in extremely short timescales.

Recent Example of Work

Working with the engineering division of a transportation organization, our team identified a major bottleneck in the creation of highly-customised vehicles. We tested and prototyped a virtual reality platform that enabled senior officials to experience – and approve – vehicle modifications before a single bolt was modified on the real car, improving acceptance of modifications by almost 90%.

Understand New Technologies and Launch Pilots

Instead of using ‘blockchain’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ as marketing terms in order to sell clients digital transformation solutions, we look at the root of the problems you are looking to solve. Putting the solution before the problem is like putting the cart before the horse.

Real transformation through technology happens when two conditions are met: The first is having a compelling Problem-Solution fit, and the second is a sufficient understanding of the technologies and building the right context for them to enable the solution. Our 1-Page Pilot frameworks prioritise the key actions required for an organisation to develop their first successful pilot.

Recent Example of Work

Working with a trade association, our team identified an opportunity for predictive insights based on the large amount of data the client had access to. Over the course of 4 days, the data strategy was developed as well as a clear plan for the pilot. In the following week the pilot was launched and the client was since able to scale up and monetize the entire venture.

Develop Go To Market Strategies

Once the hard work of defining the Problem and Solution is done, the next step is rationalising a compelling business model. Using industry-standard business modeling frameworks underpinned by Ebtikaar’s Smart Failure™ methodology, we work alongside our clients to build and iterate business models, identifying their Unfair Advantage to determine their path to success.

Recent Example of Our Work

We worked with an F&B group looking to expand both upstream and downstream into their value chain. Over the course of a single day, our teams worked together to test, validate and rationalise several new strategies that would revolutionise the F&B business in the GCC, giving the team a clear path to execution of one key idea with the greatest degree of potential.

What does Think Fast Decide Faster do for you organization?

  • Turn months of delays and indecision into days of relevant output.
  • Produce tangible outcomes in the face of uncertainty.
  • Create a culture of thinking by doing over thinking by thinking.
  • Master a repeatable methodology around rapid problem solving.
  • Permanently transform the mindsets of participants by short-circuiting conventional practices.
  • Develop individual and collective excellence.
  • Break through barriers and take massive action.

Program Details

Each Think Fast, Decide Faster intervention is tailor-made around the client’s objectives, pressing challenges, and the level of experience and seniority of the participants. The length of the program can be as short as 1-day and go all the way up to several weeks.

Program Duration
1-Day / 4-Day / 20-Day / Custom

Program Audience
Executive Level / Single Team / Cross-Department / All Hands

Program Cost
Available On Request

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Think Fast Decide Faster is a program created by Black, a global design, innovation, and strategy house with offices in Dubai, Copenhagen, and Washington DC.

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